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Kimberly had been the leader of the “Nitro Girls,” a team of dancers who entertained live fans during commercial breaks on “Monday Nitro," and she was written back in as Page’s wife.Then (shocking swerve) she turned on her husband at Spring Stampede 2000 and allowed Jeff Jarrett to win the WCW World title. Kimberly was never really a talented pro wrestling personality, but regardless they split up on TV."We're on good terms."Meanwhile, the 34-year-old reality star revealed she's currently single and looking for a potential partner."I think that I'm a lover that's looking for a lover and that's not going to be easy to find," she confessed.Soon, their real-life marriage would also be ending.

"But I would like to know what a little Malika looks like."It's not a quick, instantaneous thing and I just need to take my time."Although she's taking things slow right now, Malika also shared her hopes to eventually have a family of her own one day."I pray that marriage and children are in my future.I just hope Miz knows a good divorce lawyer, just in case.Savage and Liz were wrestling’s most famous power couple of the '80s, married behind the scenes since 1984 but only outed as a couple in the WWF in 1991.

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