Validating sharepoint in a gmp environment

A widely recommended guiding principle is: When baselines and benchmarks are used, they are generally the first and last tests you will execute, respectively.

Of all the tests that may be executed during the course of a project, it is most important that baselines and benchmarks be well understood and controlled, making the validations discussed above even more important.

For example, you could measure load time, number of transactions processed per unit of time, number of Web pages served per unit of time, and resource utilization such as memory and processor usage.

Some considerations about using baselines include: is the process of comparing your system performance against an industry standard that is endorsed by some other organization.

To get the most from this chapter: The following sections discuss each of these activities in detail.When the simulation does not reflect the test design, the results are prone to misinterpretation.Even if your tests accurately reflect the test design, there are still many ways that the test can yield invalid or misleading results.These comments may address machine failures, application exceptions and errors, network problems, or exhausted disk space or logs.After completing the final test run, ensure that you have saved all of the test results and performance logs before you dismantle the test environment.

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It can also include creating baselines and/or benchmarks of the performance characteristics.

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