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(Cough, , cough.)Kornhaber: Yeah, happily, these videos seem less like a marketing gimmick than an actually important part of the statement Beyoncé wants to make.

Also, Ashley, I agree that “Pretty Hurts” is fascinating.Here we have Beyoncé, whose name is synonymous with perfection, singing that “Perfection is the disease of a nation.”Fetters: Right?After hearing that, watching a parade of videos in which Beyoncé does, indeed, look perfect made me say, "Yikes, did this hurt?I think my absolute favorite, though, actually, might be “Partition.” There’s a time-honored tradition of marrying sex and cars in various ways in pop music, and in “Partition,” Beyoncé contributes to the canon by asking the chauffeur to “roll up the partition, please.” (Because sex, if that wasn’t clear.) Sonically, it’s kind of pleasingly trippy and earwormy, and it also features some nifty, detail-oriented scene-setting in the lyrics.Kornhaber: The first song to really make me say “whoa” was “Mine.” The opening part of the song is a piano-backed confession, with Beyoncé singing that she’s “been having conversations about breakups and separations / I'm not feeling like myself since the baby.” Then the tempo kicks up, and you have Drake doing a repetitive, echoing chorus (it’s consummately Drake—the entire track sounds like something off which isn’t a bad thing).

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Here, the videos are much more integral, as much a part of the song’s DNA as the music and lyrics, and they bring out ideas and interpretations I wouldn’t pick up on otherwise.

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