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went to the pride march on Sunday." She pulled me into a hug and started rubbing my back softly with her hands. You were always one of my favorite students in class, even before I found out you were a lesbian." "Thanks Lucy." Just before I walked out of her office, I turned back to her. Though I can't say I'll ever be able to look at her the same again." "I understand.

So I thought I would get the chance to help one come out at least once in the four years that I've been teaching at this place. And remember, whatever happens I'm here for you, even if it isn't related to your sexuality. But it's still an issue when you talk about a school's principal." "Alright, I won't spread the word.

"I did NOT expect it to take that long." Michael wiped the sweat off his forehead as I took a huge gulp from our bottle of coke. "I don't know who Naomi is." "Oh, she's-" "What I meant to say was I don't who Naomi is." I almost felt bad, even though I was the one lashing out at him. She pulled me aside and then we sorted things out about who I am, who I have told, who I won't tell...

"Any assembly from scratch would take just as much time as this did. " I turned to him and the two of us stared at each other for a few seconds.

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Then explaining took up around half the time we were there. Like he would ever gather the courage to ask someone out. "Look, I'll Uber home or something." "Bu-" I raised a hand to stop him. On the way home I grabbed some Chinese takeout from Wang's Kitchen for me and Sanju. Maybe not that much, but it was still pretty damn weird.

And after we were done with the physical hardware, we had to install the system software, like Windows. It was nine o'clock by the time we were done with all of the important installations. Especially someone as cute as Naomi." I was getting a little more pissed at this entire incident. "You're finally home." "Yeah." She rushed over and wrapped her hands around my neck. It's more of series of weird things one after the other, instead of one big traumatizing moment of weirdness." "I'll get the forks, you set up the table." "On it." "Everything started right after physics class, when I ran into Elizabeth on my way out.

Those men who have communicated with Russian girls, dated or even married one, can easily prove the contrary. I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and made a beeline for the old academics building. It had become so late by the time I came back home that Sanju's classes were over. "Please..." Michael brought out his best impersonation of a puppy... And I had to go around the construction site of the new academics building. The teachers never said much because I scored well enough on the tests, until I got an email from the aforementioned Ms. I haven't missed a class since until the previous day, when I woke up in bed well past noon with a hangover and a naked Elizabeth Baker.In this blog she shares dating and relationships tips and advice and humor. I took a peek at my phone, checking that I had around twenty minutes to do so before my Chemistry class began. " "I got a new PC, but I don't know how to configure it. I thought you were pretty good friends with him." "We are. The occasional vibration for each notification did nothing to quell that desperation. By the time we were inside and I set them down on her table, my hands were getting a little cramped. I probably shouldn't have brought all of the 11 grade test sheets to class. I pulled out my phone, finally getting the chance to access the messages I have so desperately been wanting to for the past hour. I pulled out my phone and typed out a message to her and then one to my so called best friend Sanju. I was currently sitting in Michael's car, about to go to his house and help him build a PC, when instead I could have been licking the snatch of the hottest girl in school. After much emotional self-abuse, I came to a conclusion that I should just get this bullshit over with and refrain from focusing too much on what I am missing right now. "Yeah." "So, should I leave you back here when we're...? As soon as we got to his house, I rushed him to his room so we can begin setting it up.

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But when you said you wanted to set this up, you never told me you bought everything in unassembled parts.

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