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Armstrong will appear in Episode 10 as her prostitute-turned-cbi, Summer Edgecombe.

She’ll » - Brody Gibson Here’s a surprise even Jane didn’t see coming: The Mentalist is bringing back some familiar faces for Season 5.

Tonight on CBS, it’s The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker as the natural born Sherlock and Robin Tunney as his badge-carrying Watson. Creator/showrunner Bruno Heller is » - Jeff Jensen Henry Ian Cusick is about to play one (potentially) shady brotha.

Related | Fall TV Preview: The Mentalist, Even Amid Trust Issues, Makes a ‘Huge Leap’ in the Red John Hunt Cusick recently left ABC’s Scandal, where he played an associate of Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope.

He also appeared in Fringe’s 2036-set “Letters of Transit” hour earlier this year and guest-starred in a pair » - Kimberly Roots The Mentalist is getting much closer to unmasking Red John.

At the end of last season, Jane went to extremes to get close to the elusive killer’s agent, Lorelei (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui), and it will pay off in big ways in the new season — and in a new time slot, Sundays at 10/9c, debuting Sept. Related | CBS Has Plan to ‘Solve’ Sunday Night’s NFL Delay Problem Now that the crime solver has a steady source of information – Chriqui will be featured “throughout the season,” says executive producer Bruno Heller – expect the hunt for the CBS drama’s » - Vlada Gelman Season 5 of The Mentalist is in the business of bringing back familiar faces in order to shake things up a little bit for some characters while possibly allowing a little closure for others.

The biggest and best return to the show is William Forsythe reprising his part as Rigsby’s gangster biker of a father.

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