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For men in particular, not having a good job (27%) and not feeling financially comfortable (17%) are significant factors they believe are getting in the way of love, while women worry about trusting potential partners (46%) or that nobody will ‘get’ them (31%).As a result slightly more women than men have turned their back on love (13% compared to 10%).From all ages and from up and down the UK, many confess that they’d given up on finding someone who really gets them.Alan from Falkirk joined e Harmony after he was widowed suddenly.Of course we had no idea how this scheme would be received and whether or not we would even achieve the minimum number of forty people to actually book out the hotel restaurant.

Almost half of single people have had some kind of negative dating experience – most commonly they just don’t like the same things as their dates, their dates only talk about themselves, or they have felt ‘harassed’ by the person after the date. Linda Papadopoulos said: “To some extent saying that you’ve ‘given up on love’ is a self defense mechanism, lowering your own expectations so you won’t be disappointed if it never happens.At one point it felt like we had to beg men to register.Happily we ended up securing enough men, resulting in a total of sixty participants at the dinner (the maximum the restaurant could hold).The night went really well, conversations flowed freely and the feedback was very positive.In fact the event went so well that we have now hosted it on three separate occasions, and each time we have had the same experience: the female tickets sell out with little energy and there is a significant waiting list, while the male tickets sell last with much greater effort and a small waiting list, if any. In my mind the whole situation is highly ironic because men are naturally (supposed to be) the initiators of relationships; they are the ones who most often ask a woman on a date, and they are most often the ones who drop to the knee to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage.

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At the start of each course the male participants change tables according to a preset list, so that each person has the opportunity to have a mini-date with five different people.

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