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The 28-year-old product designer has lived in the Bay Area for 10 years now, and he’s ready for life away from tech and taxes.“There are few cities as weird and wild as San Francisco used to be,” Whittington said.The people are extremely accepting of people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.The city is also growing pretty quickly and there really isn't a need for it to grow on top of itself because there is plenty of land to allow for outward expansion. I love the nostalgia of the Bay Area but I don't think it is feasible to live there anymore.Yes, it's more affordable and laid back than the Bay Area. I have no idea yet, but in my mind I am already living a better life away from the Bay Area.The people are generally friendlier and it feels like home. I (will be) living in a rental where rent doesn't jump 20% every time I re-sign my lease.There are a lot of other really nice cities (like Austin) that are starting to be able to compete with the Bay Area in both atmosphere and job opportunities.

But my husband had a better salary in San Francisco and great benefits. I am a graduate of SFUSD, SF State and UC Berkeley. I rep the Warriors, Raiders, even though my heart belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I miss Muni, BART, flaming hot days in September, foggy damp mornings, the fog horn, the siren on Tuesdays at noon. It felt like the arts and culture of the area died out, which made it an unappealing place to live. I'm able to afford living in the center of the city and Seattle is full of great food and places to explore. We have a nice home where we're not cramped with two kids and there are great public schools.I have a rocking job, but it took a couple of years to find the right opportunity.Also, Oregon's natural beauty is truly amazing and very accessible from Portland.SFGATE is exploring how people's lives change after leaving the Bay Area, for better or for worse, in a new series.

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The pay in Austin hasn't caught up with the rising cost of living, so we are making less money, but living more cheaply. As I age, my income level will not allow me to age in the place that shaped and molded who I am and my world view. I was also able to take advantage of employment opportunities that weren't available to me in the Bay Area. The people of Boise are staunch conservatives with no education and completely judgmental.

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