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THE INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE MAY BE CHANGED WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION AND WITHOUT INCURRING ANY OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY FOR US.The content of this website is provided as a convenience to visitors and constitutes non-binding information including pages entitled “WARRANTY” and “TERMS OF SALE”.ELMNO 3 channel videos, 2010 This work is related to a famous Korean poet ‘Yi Sang’.

From the zero point of Paris, in front of Notre Dame, I started my journey following the signs- and numbers I faced to in the street from 12pm to 12am. 제목 ELMNO는 이상이 죽기 전 냄새를 맡고 싶어했다던 과일, 그러나 친구들이 서로 다르게 기억하고 있는 과일 메론,과 레몬에서 왔다.

I took pictures and described my journey of Paris, associating with the words and paragraphs in his poems.

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