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Partnerships, Global Sustainable Tourism Council), Rich Shea (Dir.

Comms, Ctr for Responsible Travel), Jessica Hansen (Engagement Mgr, Kiva).

UN Office of Partnerships), Betty Liu (Anchor Bloomberg Television & Founder, Radiate), Bobbi Brown (CEO, Beauty Evolution), Cindy Whitehead (Founder, Pink Ceiling), Dottie Herman (Founder, Douglas Elliman).Here are steps for easy starting with Spring AOP (if you are already using spring framework): 1. Also, to enable automatic generation of proxies, tag “ In this example, method calls are logged with execution time.Add support for spring-aop and aspectj If you are using maven, and not using spring-aop already, just add this two new dependencies. Define your aspect and pointcuts There are two ways two define aspects : With @Aspect annotation, or in Spring`s file. You can check Spring’s AOP documentation which Joint Point, Advice, Pointcuts, etc. For example if you want to log what method is returning, use @After Returnung Advice: If you want to dynamically enable/disable logging, one way this can be done is introducing new flag in Logging Aspect.With Olivier Rabenschlag (Head of Creative, Google), Amy West (Dir.Mktg & Innovation, Novo Nordisk), Judy Dunn (Head Clinical Development, Roche), Maria Gotsch (CEO, Partnership Fund NYC), Sarah Mac Arthur (Dir.

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Basically, think about AOP as an interceptor for method calls, where you can add extra functionality.

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