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He succeeded so well that the cutlery has outlived all our other cutlery series.

And even though it has been produced in many different places in the world, the cutlery has always kept its original form.

For those who enjoy hunting when they’re not fishing or have friends or family that love to hunt, Marttiini Collector’s Hunting Knives are a beautiful addition to anyone’s knife collection.

Equal parts function and art, each knife features a razor sharp blade, a curly birch handle and beautiful design.

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Many factors such as edge retention, hardness, ease of sharpening and more -- combined with the end use of the knife -- made a huge difference in whether the knife is correct for the task you wish to perform.

Offering great prices and great variety on Case XX Knives is what Shepherd Hills is known for.

Demand is so great for all models that there is typically a wait of a few years to deliver a new knife ordered from Randall.A truly faithful servant that also does a good job at many of the restaurants in our stores."All cutlery needs some care to maintain its original finish.Rinse cutlery after use to remove any scraps of food, even if you plan to wash it later.And the specific knives he has designed and built are among the finest ever made — in the world.Blade steel is an important component of the quality and the functionality of any knife or bladed too.

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Having a variety of knives in the kitchen is as important as having a variety of lures in your tacklebox.

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